It’s 2022, we found ourselves in a bicycle market saturated with freestyle BMX offers, and what a time to be alive since there are so many amazing high-quality bikes to choose from.

Whether you’re a kid dreaming to be a part of the X-Games one day, or a weekend rider getting back into BMX, we know that the search for your perfect bike could get tricky with so many different options and offers on the current bicycle market.

Luckily for you, we got you covered, and we’ve put together a complete guide on the best freestyle BMX bikes you could buy in 2022.

Freestyle Bike


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Perfect BMX for You

Before buying your dream bike here’s a list of factors you should consider if you want to end up getting the right bike for you, your budget, and your needs.

Types of BMX

Not all BMX are built the same, and even if they all go by the name “BMX bikes”, there are several differences in how they are built, their build materials, their geometry, and most important, their specific intended use.

So here we have a list of the specific types of BMX bikes and their intended use to help you get a better view of which bike is going to work best for you, your riding style, and the type of terrain you are going to ride and help you get the most out of your newly acquired bike.

Olympic BMX Race Bike

BMX stands for “Bicycle Motocross”, the sport in which cyclists race through a dirt circuit or paved track with undulations, hills, and jumps. BMX race bikes are usually made of carbon fiber, wear skinnier tires, and are built with components aiming to have the less weight possible.

Freestyle/Park/Street bike

When you see the term “Freestyle/Street/Park” referring to a bike, think of those brave riders flying high at the X-Games. This is the most common form of BMX, and it will be easy for you to see these bikes flying and doing tricks at your local skate park.

Freestyle Bike

Usually, this type of bike is made of aluminum, Chromoly, or heavy metals such as steel to make them resistant to abuse and the constant impacts that this sport demands. Of course, if you have come to this article, it is because these types of bikes are the ones that interest you the most, and we will be covering all the details in depth later in this article to help you buy the best option for you.


These are the type of bikes you will see performing tricks, stunts, and spins on a large flat surface such as a parking lot or dedicated BMX zone. Usually, these are the same bikes you will see under the “Street/Park” category, but they are often modified to weigh less or to help the rider perform stunts easily.

The modifications could include: Pegs on both sides of the bike and in both tires to help the rider stand on them and perform tricks, a gyro on the handlebar to help the bike rotate on stunts without damaging the cables, and modified lighter weight components such as wheels, cranks, handlebars, etc.

Dirt Jump

This is the practice of riding bikes over jumps made of dirt or soil and basically launching yourself in the air to perform tricks. Dirt Jumping evolved from BMX racing but it differs in that the jumps are usually much steeper and designed to lift the rider higher into the air.

At these types of tracks, you will usually see riders using the same bikes as in the “Street/Park” category. Of course, the list of bikes we have considered next in the article will serve you great for both purposes.


With so many different offers of brands, models, and manufacturers in today’s bicycle market, the price range in which you could find a BMX bike is quite extensive. Nowadays you could find BMX bikes starting as low as USD 200 for a complete bike and other brands or models that can easily go up to USD 1000 or even higher than USD 1500.

To make things easier for you into finding your perfect bike, we have done the extensive research job for you, and we have compiled a list of BMX bikes that will offer you the most value in relation to their price, quality, and build specs.

Some bikes listed here will be budget-friendly but keep a high-value offer into quality, ride feel, and durability. You will also see in this list bikes that are top-dollar investments, but every dollar invested will be rewarded with a smile on your face whenever you ride it.

Our list will be covering bikes starting at USD 350 for the less expensive and going up to USD 1430 for the most expensive, but always having in mind the offer of great value in relation to their price.

Frame construction, components, and quality

Less expensive doesn’t always have to be less good. Today’s bicycle manufacturers are doing great efforts into creating amazing bikes that will offer you great quality, outstanding frame construction, and awesome components without breaking your pocket.

On the other hand, if you are willing to expend more, we also got you covered and we´ll recommend you the best bikes that we think will offer you even more value but at a higher cost as well.

In the following list, we are going to take an in-depth look at all this bike’s characteristics, that in our opinion, add up to making the right choice when buying the perfect bike.

The bikes

Now that you know the differences between the BMX bikes categories, their price range, and what makes them offer more value to the consumer. Let’s have a look at the best Freestyle BMX bikes you can buy in 2022.

Kink Liberty

Even if you have done just little research on the BMX world, you might have come up with the name Kink. As one of the most recognized BMX brands in the world, Kink has gained its name in the industry by offering the rider amazing quality bikes at wallet- friendly prices. At a starting price of USD 459, the Kink Liberty is no exception.

kink liberty



This ultimate freestyle machine comes built-in with an impressive proprietary component kit from Kink. By offering a bike completely built ¨In house¨, Kink has managed to keep production and assembly costs down offering you an incredible bike in relation to its cost.

The Liberty´s frame is built in high-quality 4130 Chromoly in which you will feel fine when putting the bike to test through strong impacts, missed tricks, or those inevitable crashes no one is exempt from. It´s hard to find any flaws in the overall package, and for a dedicated rider that may want to upgrade their bike on a budget, the Kink Liberty won’t disappoint.

With a frame designed to endure hard-hitting days at the park, and the fact that it doesn’t come equipped with brakes, it´s clear that Kink aims this model for a more experienced rider, but its sub $500 price tag makes it accessible for anyone looking for a long-lasting and comfortable bike.


  • High quality, well-built Chromoly frame
  • Excellent build kit and componentry
  • Good as a project bike to upgrade parts


  • Comes with no brakes
  • Single color option

We The People Trust

With great attention to detail, geometry, and design ready to make any street or hard park riding feel seamless, We The People has created the “Trust”. Fully Chromoly frame and fork, double-wall rims, hub guards, and strong tires come equipped in the Trust.

we the people trust


This combo of strong parts is expected to guarantee any demanding rider a bike that could easily handle the use and abuse that you could expect on a day of hard-hitting street or park riding. Different from the Kink Liberty, the Trust comes equipped with plenty of aftermarket components such as wide Éclat Trippin rims, grippy and wide Decoder tires, and a flashy Éclat finishing kit.

Of course, a combo of nice aftermarket components is going to come at a higher price. Starting at USD 800, the Trust is far from being an entry-level or budget-friendly bike. Still, if you are a more experienced rider looking for a bike that can endure even the most demanding riding session or your budget allows you to go a little bit further, the Trust is worth considering.

We know that a starting price of USD 800 may be expensive, but considering its quality, frame construction, and incredible componentry, the We The People Trust is a pretty good deal for a demanding rider looking for a stylish, durable and capable bike.


  • Super strong Chromoly frame and fork
  • Nice and durable aftermarket componentry
  • Comfortable and easy riding geometry
  • Comes equipped with pegs and hub guards
  • 2 nice and stylish color options


  • May be expensive for some rider’s budget

Mongoose Legion L40

Now that we’ve covered more expensive options, let’s have a look at this amazing wallet-friendly choice. At a starting price of $350, the Mongoose Legion L40 is aimed to be the perfect bike for a beginner rider or someone looking for a nice bike just to have fun.

Mongoose Legion L40


Its frame and fork are built from robust steel that features BMX Freestyle Geometry. It comes equipped with proprietary componentry from Mongoose, fast-rolling 2.3"-wide tires, a super reliable sealed bearing bottom bracket, and 3-piece Chromoly cranks.

An amazing spec combo considering its price. Made from robust steel, it may not be the lightest BMX bike out there, but based on customer reviews and well-known Mongoose’s reputation, we could assure you that the Legion L40 is one of the best options you could buy within that price segment.

Whether you are looking for your first BMX bike or a non-expensive bike that allows you to have fun on the weekends, consider having a look at the Mongoose L40. It won’t disappoint.


  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Up to date geometry
  • Reliable bottom bracket and easy to service bearings
  • Robust and durable frame and fork


  • It’s heavy compared to other BMX models
  • Only fits riders up to 170cm tall

Kink Williams Signature

We find ourselves again with another bike from Kink, but this time we present you their flagship, top-of-the-line model, the Kink Williams Signature. At a generous price tag of USD 1430, this is definitely a bike worth looking at. But you may be wondering, what makes this bike so special? This is a design collaboration between Kink’s top pro rider, Nathan Williams, and Kink’s engineering team.

Kink Williams Signature



The result is a top-quality, no-compromises bike, that gets as close to Nathan’s personal ride as possible. Equipped with the most outstanding aftermarket parts, and superior manufacturing and materials, the Williams bike is the best of the best in the BMX world.

The Williams Signature’s frame and fork are made from double-butted 4130 Chromoly, and the impressive qualities of the bikes continue with its aftermarket component list like the Cinema CK Pedals, Cinema ZX sealed bolt-in hubs, Cinema Williams 2.5” tires, and Cinema Martinez stem and bars. Just the best of the best regarding componentry.

Judging by its price tag, its characteristics, and the ride quality it offers, it’s clear that the Kink Williams Signature bike is aimed at professional riders. If you are an experienced rider looking for the best of the best or just someone who won’t mind expending a higher budget on a bike, we would say: don’t even hesitate and go for the Kink Williams Signature!


  • Designed to fulfill pro rider’s needs

  • Build with the highest quality materials

  • Top of the line aftermarket componentry
  • Lightweight


  • Its high price tag

Final Thoughts

With so many options, brands, and models to choose from in the current BMX industry, we know how tricky it could get to find the perfect bike for you and we hope this list has helped you get a clearer vision of your needs, your riding style, and your budget.

What is our choice you might be wondering? Well, if you are just starting, there’s no need to spend much and go for the Mongoose L40, but if you’re a looking for a mix of

great value, nice build quality frame and componentry go ahead and go for the Kink Liberty as we think it won’t disappoint.

Regardless of which bike you buy; the most important thing is that it puts a big smile on your face after every ride. Happy biking!